Sailor Moon Stud Earrings

Sailor Moon Stud Earrings


Sister to the Sailor Moon necklace, this earring is also inspired by the power of feminism.

Always my favourite super-heroine, Sailor Moon. She was perfectly imperfect. She is a girl with many flaws but with a heart only occupied by kindness and love. She is the perfect example of a good leader by being someone unrealistically perfect that cares for everyone else in an equal manner.

May our feminine circles continue to pour support and love in this world. I hope you remember that we are all one and we all reflect the divine beauty in one another. No matter our differences, we are all sisters and may you never forget that. Let's be a loving mirror for each other and may we empower strongly enough to bloom as beautifully as flowers do.


Material: Australian Origin, 14 ct recycled gold

Blue Sapphires - 2mm, 0.03 ct each


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