Here I introduce you to a woman who has shifted my perspective to life and yoga. A woman who never fails to inspire and shower me with radiant light through the most turbulent of days. I felt aligned with Paulina when I first read her life story, like her I never found the feeling of belonging to where I grew up, I knew there was more to the reality I had in front of me. I feel immensely connected to the words and motions that gravitate through her daily. Through my eyes, Paulina translates to the definition of a fearless Wylde woman, a goddess who bends the rules of society into blissfull poetry. I invite you to this sacred conversation and if you feel aligned plase comment, would love to hear what you think. Thank you, Paulina, for giving me such personal opportunity, I love you.


What are you working on at the moment?

I'm working on my website and creating a YouTube channel where I can talk about all the topics that surface from my IG posts! I find that talking on my story is so much fun but i'd like more time and a better space to fully express verbally. I'm also working on having more consistent blog posts, all coming very soon

How do you exercise your creativity?

Instagram is my main outlet, capturing photos from a vision and then allowing my expression to flow in the caption. I also enjoy the story section of instagram. I have a small etsy shop where I make small jewlery and art pieces. And of course, journaling is a practice along with yoga.

Can you tell us how you found yoga? Or how yoga found you? 

Yay yoga!! I never know how to answer this question. My curiosity began about 4 years ago (something like that?). I started with youtube videos but never found one teacher I loved the most, so I hopped between random channels. This went on for a couple years till I wanted to expand my practice and went on my first yoga teacher training in 2016. I had barely ever been to real yoga classes so this was such a shot in the dark for me. My knowledge expanded during this experience as I began to find my voice as a teacher and a forever student of yoga. Since then I've completed another 200 hour training and plan to continue studying. This practice has no end. If I could tell myself something that I know now and didn't know back then, it would be to KEEP PRACTICING and experiment with different teachers. My practice has become SO personal to me. I'd be lost without it.

Why did you choose to take the yogi road?

The practice of yoga just resonates with me. Be kind, non-judgmental, appreciate material things and don't be too attached, be mindful of your breath, speak truth...the list of these foundations goes on but it just makes sense. Mindfulness as a practice has changed my life. I've become so much more aware of everything that comes out of my mouth, how I react to triggers, what my energy feels like to those absorbing it, and most of all, my relationship with myself. I've never felt more at home with myself.


I loved the story of your yoga teacher training. Can you tell us a bit about this experience and how it transformed you?

What a story it is! I went through hell and back with myself, feeling all the feels and coming to a place of peace about it. Basically, I went on a $4,000 teacher training in costa rica and never got the official certificate that was obviously guaranteed. I had to stop teaching when I realized it was never going to come in the mail and that we got cheated of our money. I am forever grateful for the activation and the experience this did give me. I wouldn't call it a yoga teacher training but a life activation. That teacher and I have some old karma to eventually work through and it was an amazing experience to learn what this means. Energy, man. I watched dozens of people get cheated of their money and never have the promise fulfilled that they would become yoga teachers. I now see that myself and all the others who fell into the same trap, attracted this into their life and we all have a lesson to learn from what we've manifested. Its our karma. I'm not the victim of that theft anymore, I'm responsible for what i've created in my reality even when its hurtful and dishonest, this is where the growth happens. I completed an official training since then and am now certified :) but the knowledge comes from the experience, I believe.

What is sisterhood for you? How do you practice it?

I love these prompts!! Sisterhood is tears and laughter and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and reflections and comfort and adventure! Sisterhood is open and honest. I want to repeat that. Sisterhood, to me, is open and honest. Dark clouds about a friendship don't honor either person in the pair. Women are naturally intuitive and when the energetic power of women collaborate, this is a chance for true magic to manifest. Sisterhood is also loving women who don't love you back. I have a life long wound with women, especially those in friendships. I don't have a sister in my family and have always struggled maintaining long term friendships with women. BUT since my life has become more awakened and I've experienced true love and trust in a friendship, my heart won't be shrunk back to ordinary bullshit. Unconditional love and non-judgment remains my motto. No comparison. Sisterhood is lifting one another up, not tearing each other down. We are one and when the divine feminine unites, we all rise.

Favourite Quote?

I'm not sure if I have one! Paulo Coelho is my all time favorite author and I could fill pages of his words that I live by. I guess, instead, I could say "The Alchemist" is my favorite book? One came to me..."there are two types of people in the world- those who are humble and those who are about to be." I don't know who said this.

How did you learn to tap into your divinity? How do you continue to practice this?

I've always felt connected to nature and people in a way I couldn't describe. I always had strange dreams and felt as if i could see things nobody else could. When I realized this was good news and I wasn't a complete weirdo, I learned to embrace the gift of my intuitive senses. This is when I fully embraced myself. I practice my divinity in nature, noticing the clouds float by and how the leaves dance in the wind. In the words that pour out of my hand and into my journal. In my dreams. The practice of appreciation for my surroundings keeps me humble and amazed constantly.

What message would you share to all your sisters out there?

We're one!!!! There is no separation- The power of our unity can change our world if we stop comparing ourselves and support one another along our journeys.


What does "Self-Love" mean to you?

Self love means sleeping early, daily orgasms, telling myself i'm beautiful in the mirror, feeding my body things that are truly nourishing, removing labels I give myself, manifesting relationships where i'm honored and respected. Self love is feeling safe and comfortable with myself when nobody is around, and not NEEDING anyone to be around. Self love is self compassion and forgiveness.

How do you maintain a healthy relationship with yourself?

I meet myself wherever I am that day. Happy, frustrated, inspired or lazy. I practice every day with acknowledging how I truly feel, understanding why (giving thanks or making an offering of release) and addressing that day accordingly. Self compassion...conversations with self via journal or some creative outlet is key. I forgive myself and love myself.

Last but not least, what is your happiest memory?

I can't really pinpoint a specific one! Most recently, sitting at a hostel in New Mexico, halfway through my cross country road-trip sitting with my sister Angela, hearing her sing a song about our adventures and realising i'm about to begin a new life for myself in Hawaii.


Thank you Paulina for sharing this conversation with me and for allowing me to share it to the world. I pray you keep on shinning your beautiful light to others and to yourself. I love you.

If you feel drawn to connect with Paulina you can find her here:

Instagram: Paulina Prana

Website: Paulina Prana

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